Digital Dentistry

Significantly advanced

Dentistry is constantly progressing and we are aiming to be line with this. The digital world has advanced significantly and it brings new opportunities in every aspect of life. Digital dentistry can completely reform your visit to our practice and take your experience to a whole new level.


Digital Dentistry

With this technology you can have your teeth scanned on a computer with a special digital intraoral scanner. The scanner takes a series of photographs of your teeth to be able to fully record your oral health condition. This information will be saved in your file and it gives us the options of performing a lot of different tasks- from monitoring your oral health to a full cosmetic smile design. 

If you need a crown, bridge or a denture, there will be no more impressions that make you gag and you wait for it to set! It is all instant with the scanner and you can have as many breaks as you want to make you feel comfortable.

We will scan your teeth usually once a year. The software will detect any change in position, wear, erosion , recession or any other tooth or gum problem that is progressing or changing in any way. This way we will be able to react a lot quicker and a lot more efficient to ongoing changes than just relying on the dentist’s eye to spot on. The dental software can detect changes a lot sooner and better, with quantitative measures than any human.

With this technology, we can do crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, etc. without taking any impressions! It is all done with a little scanning machine. You can have breaks. No more gagging and waiting for the material to set! It will give you peace of mind and put you at ease when coming for a restorative procedure.

We can make digital smile designs after we scan your teeth and show you how your new smile would look like in a lot more predictable way than usual. The new smile designs could be easily implemented into photos and can actually show how the final result will look like straight away.

We can use the scanner for Invisalign too. You will be able to see how your teeth will look like after the treatment , giving you predictable results and clear expectations. 

Digital Dentistry

0% Finance option available

0% Finance available for up to 12 months on all treatments over £500.  Over 12 months finance available with variable interest, depending on the term period. Call us for more detail or visit our partner’s website for more derails by clicking here