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Teeth Whitening

This young patient wanted improvement of his smile without drilling his teeth. We performed a combination of internal and external whitening without any injections , minimally invasive. He was thrilled with the outcome and so are we


Composite Smile Makeover (Bonding)

The patient requested straighter and more even front teeth. We did minimally invasive composite bonding for all upper front teeth and she was really pleased with the outcome.


Ceramic Smile Makeover

This patient wanted more pleasing smile and had some permanent teeth congenitally missing. She had complex treatment, including ceramic veneers, crowns and bridges. She was delighted with the result.


Ceramic and Composite Restorations

This lady had multiple restorations for her front teeth with not very aesthetic appearance. We did a combination of ceramic and composite restorations to give her the pleasing smile she was after. 


Smile Makeover

This patient has suffered for a long time with his un-aesthetic smile. This full smile transformation took some time to achieve and it was a combination of multiple restorative solutions, but the final result was more than he ever wanted and we were all happy to smile together at the end. 


Ceramic Restorations

This lady had a missing front tooth and a denture she hated deeply. We did a full ceramic, minimally invasive bridge and a crown replacement to complete her new shining smile. 


Teeth Composite Bonding

This patient wanted his upper small incisors to line up better with the rest of the teeth. With no drilling, minimally invasive composite bonding restorations were done to improve the smile line. 


Ceramic Restorations

This lady wanted to get an easy and quick solution of her crowded teeth and missing front incisor, without orthodontics and implants. We did some ceramic restorations to improve her smile and she was extremely happy with the result. 


Teeth Composite Bonding

This patient was keen to improve her smile in the most minimally invasive way. We decided to do some composite bonding and also did some bonding on her current denture. We didn’t remove any tooth tissue and everything lined up nicely to give her a reason to smile confidently again. 


Teeth Whitening

Another case of a minimally invasive approach in a young patient with tooth discolouration. We did a combination of internal and internal whitening, without any further restoration, just pure whitening. 


Ceramic Smile Makeover/Ceramic Restorations

This young male patient wanted improvement of his smile after having braces that caused some erosion on his teeth. After some whitening and front teeth porcelain veneers, we achieved a very pleasing final result, giving him his smile again. 


Ceramic and Bonding

This lady was concerned about the gaps between her upper front teeth and wanted more pleasing appearance. We did a combination of ceramic veneers and composite bonding to give her the smile she wanted. We were all smiling at the end. 


0% Finance option available

0% Finance available for up to 12 months on all treatments over £500.  Over 12 months finance available with variable interest, depending on the term period. Call us for more detail.