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Keep Smiling With Regular Dental Check-Ups

"Prevention is better than the cure"

We firmly believe in the motto, ‘prevention is better than cure’ and we are committed to providing our patients with excellent standards of preventative and general dental care.

PUre dental solutions advises

We advise all of our patients to attend regular dental examinations so that we can identify and treat developing conditions early on and keep an eye on your general oral health – this will save you suffering with tooth pain and discomfort and will also save you paying for more complex treatment in the future. During routine check-ups we will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and carry out oral cancer screening as standard procedure.

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Dental Health check

We usually recommend that you have your health check done every 6 months, but this could differ from 3 to 12 months , depending on your oral health condition.

You will have your teeth, gums and soft tissues fully checked for any signs of cancer, tooth decay gum disease, etc. We use the latest technology to detect early cavty lesions. You will have regular xrays taken to check for gum and tooth pathology.

We have the latest digital technology in house and you will have your mouth scanned usually every 12 months. The special software will be able to detect any early changes in your teeth position, wear, erosion, etc that can’t be usually spotted with a human eye. This way we can take some early measures to prevent further deterioration of conditions that could become more difficult to treat as they progress with time.

New patient introduction fee – £49.00

Private fee £57.30

Membership plan fee – Free (check here for more information)

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Oral Hygiene

Dental hygiene is extremely important and we actively encourage all our patients to adopt a thorough daily oral hygiene routine.

Customers of Pure Dental Solutions can now benefit from the advantages offered by Guided Biofilm Therapy®, such as minimally invasive techniques, optimal comfort, and improved outcomes in terms of oral and systemic health. It’s a positive step towards providing comprehensive and evidence-based dental care to patients.

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Gum disease and tooth decay are common health problems and we are keen to encourage our patients to attend regular dental check-ups and appointments with the hygienist to try and reduce the risk of these problems developing and promote high standards of oral health. Regular visits to the hygienist will help to minimise the risk of periodontal disease and decay and bleeding gums.

The frequency of your hygiene visits solely depends on your oral health needs and the presence or absence of active gum disease. The visits coudl be anything from every 3 to 12 months. We will recommend the most suitable plan for your case and if you follow the advice your oral health will be stable in the long term.

New patient fees

from £127 to £190, depending on oral health condition

Private fee

from £95

Membership plan fee

FREE (check for more information hee)

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The latest tech

With the latest digital technology that we have in house, we can scan your teeth regularly and the special software will automatically detect any change in shape, position, wear, etc. of your teeth, which can’t be usually detected with a human eye.


digital monitoring

digital monitoring

No. The digital scanning takes usually 1-2 minutes and records a lot of information for your teeth and mouth. It is a very non-invasive way of taking very thorough records of your mouth.

It is a special device that takes multiple images of your mouth in seconds and the high-tech software processes the information to give us an exact image of your teeth. The software has a digital monitoring tool and it can compare scans of the same teeth , taken at different times and detect any early pathology that is otherwise left un-noticed.

If you join any of our membership plans, you will get this service as an incentive and there is no extra charge for it. This way you will have peace of mind that we monitor your oral health thoroughly and will prevent any condition progression in early stage.

digital monitoring


Extractions means removing unsavable, strongly damaged teeth. We will always try to save any toothfor as long as possible, but sometimes, it comes to a point when there is nothing else that could be done, but having the tooth out.

You will have local anaesthetic when having tooth extraction and there will be no pain during the procedure. We make sure that you have enough anaesthetic to maintain painless procedure at all times. You may experiance slight discomfort after the procedure, but if you follow the after care instructions, usually there are no complications after an extraction.

Most of the teeth that we extract are already in poor condition and the procedure is usually straight forward. Sometimes, it may take slightly longer to remove a tooth, depending on its anatomy and position. If we suspect that the extraction woudl be more complicated, you will be referred to a specialist surgeon to perform the procedure .

Usually you need to wait for healing to take place first- normally between 3 and 6 months. After that you can consider replacement of the tooth with dental implants, bridge, denture or a combination of these, depending on your case.

New patient fees

from £187.50 up to £281.20, depending on complexity

Private fee

from £187.50 up to £281.20, depending on complexity

Membership plan fee

From £150.20 to £225, depending on complexity


restorative dentistry

Chipped or broken teeth can affect your confidence and have an impact on your oral health. We can use one, or a combination of treatments, to restore your teeth and give you back the smile you deserve. We are an entirely silver amalgam free practice. We only use tooth coloured materials for fillings.

You would require a restoration if you have tooth decay, broken tooth, multiple repairs on one tooth and many other cases.

Restorative dentistry is a whole separate division and it includes restorations from a simple filling to complicated multirestorative options, including implants, crowns, bridges, dentures , etc. The restoration that you may need purely depends on you case and oral health condition.

We are exclusively non-amalgam practice. All our fillings are done with tooth-coloured materials, that do not contain silver or mercury. Our crowns and bridges are usually metal-free too.

New patient fees

From £100.20 to £380.50 for composite (white) fillings, depending on size and complexity

Private fee

From £100.20 to £380.50 for composite (white) fillings

Membership plan fee

from £80.16 to £304.40 for composite (white) fillings


Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments are needed when you have an infection in a tooth, which is usually combined with toothache. Sometimes the symptoms are not so obvious, especially if yo have a chronic infection that may be latent, but the tooth would still need this treatment in most cases.

You will have local anaesthetic when having root canal treatment. The procedure is pain-free and we will make sure that you have as much anaesthetic as needed to maintain your comfort.

Root canal treatment is usually a relatively complex procedure and it mainly depends on the anatomy of your tooth. We are highly trained and can deal with most cases on regular basis. If we anticipate that your treatment might be more complicated than normal, we would refer you to a specialist endodontist.

If the root canal is successful and you don’t experience any complications, it would usually keep your tooth for a long time after the procedure. We will monitor the root canal treated teeth with regular xrays and make sure the they are maintained properly.

New patient fees

From £734.50

Private fee

From £734.50

Membership plan fee

from £587.60

root canal


The oral health of the children is really important and we aim to monitor closely to development of the jaws and eruption of teeth with the little ones.

As soon as the child has teeth (usually in the first year) they need to start attending the dentist. This way we will be able to monitor the growth of their jaws and eruption of teeth. It will also give them the chance to get used to the environment of coming to the dentist and avoid any future discomfort and fear as this is really important to be able to maintain good oral health.

The children’s teeth needs to be brushed as soon as they erupt. You need to use small, soft , age-related toothbrush with a minimal amount of toothpaste that is recommended for the child’s age. You don’t have to use adults’ toothpaste as it could put off the children with its taste and it contains more fluoride than needed for children’s teeth.

We make sure that every preventative care that is needed is performed to protect your child’s teeth from developing decay and other pathology. That is why it is very important to bring your child regularly for their examinations, so we can monitor their health and development and act if necessary.

We will monitor your child’s development and if we decide that they need orthodontic treatment, they will be referred to a specialist orthodontist as soon as this is required for their case.

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0% Finance option available

0% Finance available for up to 12 months on all treatments over £500.  Over 12 months finance available with variable interest, depending on the term period. Call us for more detail or visit our partner’s website for more derails by clicking here