How to avoid an emergency trip to the dentist this festive season

How to avoid an emergency trip to the dentist this festive season

How to avoid an emergency trip to the dentist this festive season

Christmas for many is a joyous time to spend with family and friends, indulging in delicious treats and generally having a marvellous time.

The last thing we want is for this jolly holiday to be spoiled by the need for an emergency trip to the dentist. In this blog, we have outlined some of the main things to avoid over the Christmas period to help keep your teeth intact.

Wrapping presents

One of the main things sure to cause a tooth injury is ripping Sellotape with your teeth! Now we’ve all been there, frantically wrapping last minute Christmas gifts, but when you use your teeth to rip sellotape you put enormous pressure on the edges of your teeth. It is also a very easy way to crack or weaken teeth, or even dislodge a crown or veneer. We suggest that you invest in a tape dispenser this year.

Cracking Nuts

It may seem silly, but you might be surprised at the number of patients we see with broken teeth and lost fillings after they have tried to crack open nuts with their teeth. Nut shells are extremely hard and teeth are a totally inappropriate tool to use, remember to always use a nutcracker!


Prosecco has grown and grown in popularity over the last few years becoming a very cool and trendy tipple for many people. Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without a sparkling treat, but drinking Prosecco too much is quite damaging for your oral health. We realise this is not what you want to hear, but Prosecco has a high acid level and sugar content. We would recommend you enjoy it in moderation and suggest drinking water in between glasses of Prosecco. Not only will this help to keep the erosion at bay, but it may save you a sore head in the morning too!

Ice Cubes

If Prosecco is not your tipple, maybe a whisky or a nice Baileys over ice is your preferred drink during the festivities, but crushing ice with your teeth is never a good idea. When you crunch ice, it can cause lots of microscopic cracks to appear in the enamel and break healthy teeth, you are at an even higher risk if you have fillings or crowns. If you suffer with sensitivity, you will know that the coolness of the ice can worsen dental pain.

Christmas Toffees

Whilst they are a very popular gift and they can be irresistible, sadly toffees can also be a disaster waiting to happen. Toffee is usually extremely sticky and when chewed, it can pull off crowns, veneers and even pull out fillings! We would recommend opting for a chocolate with a melt in the mouth center; these will leave the mouth quickly and hopefully avoid doing any damage to your precious teeth.


With so many delicious treats around at this time of year it is easy to overindulge and you may find yourself continuously grazing throughout the day. This can be a major cause of tooth decay. It isn’t the volume of sugar you eat that causes tooth decay, it is the frequency. If you are continuously grazing on sugary snacks all day, the teeth are under constant attack and have no time to recover resulting in weakened enamel. We recommend eating all of your festive treats in one go, or trying to stick to regular meal times and enjoy your treats straight after your meal. Perfect! Permission to eat all of your snacks in one go!

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