Implants… the future for missing teeth

Implants… the future for missing teeth

Implants… the future for missing teeth

  • Are you embarrassed by your smile?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable eating in front of people?
  • Are you fed up of unstable dentures?

Did you know there is a revolutionary treatment that is changing the way people smile? And better yet, do you know that we offer this amazing treatment here at Pure Dental Solutions?

David Gardner, the owner and dentist at Pure, has been placing Implants for his patients since 2006, and for the majority of patients, we can place and restore the implant for you at our lovely practice in Stafford!

For years people have believed that if you lose a tooth or multiple teeth you either live with the gap or need to have a denture made. This comes with a whole host of issues from feeling self-conscious of your smile to struggling to chew the foods you once loved.

This has all changed with the introduction of dental implants.

What is an Implant?

An implant is a titanium post (it looks like the root of a tooth), that is placed into the jaw bone It sits below the gum line so it is not visible and it allows your dentist to mount replacement teeth in the area. It leaves you looking like you never lost a tooth – we can even match the ‘new teeth’ to the colour and shape of your existing teeth so they won’t look out of place.

An implant is a fixed option, so unlike a denture, once the implant is placed, you don’t have to worry about ever removing it.

Why a dental implant?

Whilst people have managed and coped with dentures and bridges in the past, the implant does something that the other options can’t do – an implant helps to preserve the bone in your jaw – this means that it is actually helping to preserve your other teeth. You may be aware that when we start to lose the bone in our jaw, that is when teeth start to become wobbly – in fact if you lose one tooth and don’t preserve the bone, you could potentially end up with more wobbly teeth! By replacing the root with a titanium post it helps to provide stability to the jaw just like a real tooth would!

How do we place an Implant?

There are a few ways that implants can be placed, sometimes we are able to remove the natural tooth and place the implant into the socket left behind.

Sometimes if there has been infection around the natural tooth, we would have to remove the tooth, let everything heal and then recreate the socket again ready for placement. In some cases, we have to add some extra bone to the area if infection has caused a loss of natural bone.Tthis is all something that your dentist can discuss with you in your consultation before having the treatment.

The whole procedure is completed under local anaesthetic, it is totally pain free and takes around 60-90 minutes. You will leave the surgery with your new implant or ‘tooth root’ in place which we  leave to settle for around 3-4 months.

What happens after the implant has been placed?

We need to leave 3-4 months time frame for everything to settle and become solid so that we can restore the gap in your smile. If the implant is given this time to settle then the long term success rate of implants is excellent.

Whilst you are waiting for the implant to integrate, although you will have the new ‘root’ in place, you will still have a gap in your smile. There are a few options regarding this,

  1. Leave the gap – some people are happy to leave the gap as they know it is only for a short period of time.
  2. Create a small removable denture – the most common option is to make a removable denture to sit over the implant in the short term; this helps patients to feel more confident in smiling/eating, although it is a removable option it helps to replace the gap therefore giving a more pleasing aesthetic look.
  3. In some cases we can also make a temporary bridge, this is a fixed option and gives people a more secure feeling if they are particularly anxious about the gap (we wouldn’t need to make any adjustments to adjacent teeth as it will only be made from a temporary material).

All of the options above will be discussed with you and your dentist will advise the best option for you whilst you wait to have the implant restored.

After the implant is fully stable we can then make your new crown! This will look identical to the tooth that you lost. We can match the shade of the new crown to your existing teeth so it won’t look out of place, in some cases we can even change the shape and position of the new tooth to give a more pleasing aesthetic look!

If you feel that implants could be the treatment you have been searching for, here at Pure Dental Solutions we offer totally free, no obligation consultations where you can discuss your needs and see if implants would be a suitable treatment option for you.

Things to know:

Implants can replace more than one tooth – it doesn’t matter if you have one missing tooth or five, we can create a bespoke treatment plan to deal with all of your requirements. We can even create implant retained dentures for patients who have no natural teeth left.

There are no age restrictions for implants if you are 18 or 80 this could be the most suitable treatment for you!

Gum health is very important when it comes to implants – we would need to do a full evaluation to see if you are a suitable candidate

We offer interest-free finance packages to help spread the cost of any treatments, including implants.

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